gradsThe Academic Strategic Plan sets an ambitious vision for the University that builds on its strengths and leverages external opportunity. It defines the University’s vision and strategic direction, detail the University’s priorities, and identify specific actions and plans to pursue and investments that must be made.

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee has worked to develop draft Vision and Mission statements that reflect our history and strengths as an institution, leverage opportunities available at Syracuse, and are consistent with the priorities articulated by Chancellor Kent Syverud in his inaugural address. It is necessary to complete this part of the strategic planning process first so that the Steering Committee and Working Groups have a clear direction for their work.

The Academic Strategic Plan was presented to the Board of Trustees for their consideration in May 2015. It now becomes a “living plan” with routine assessment of progress toward key objectives, and regular revision to account for changes in our environment.

The University community attended meetings to fuel discussion and provide an opportunity to share ideas about the Strategic Plan.

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