Teams of Syracuse students, faculty, and staff are designing changes to better serve students, faculty, and staff and drive savings for reinvestment in University priorities that will be outlined in the Strategic Plan. These initiative teams and their membership are:


Standardize and consolidate office supply purchases to pool our purchases and be more cost effective

Joe Comprix, Professor of Accounting (Sponsor)
Lou Marcoccia, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (Sponsor)
Anne Flaherty, Assistant Director of Purchasing (Manager)

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  • Andrea Nedoshytko, Assistant Budget Analyst, Budget and Planning
  • Gary LaPoint, Assistant Professor of Practice, Whitman School
  • Jennifer Uryniak, Accounting Director, Student Affairs
  • Karla Salmonsen, Purchasing Specialist, Purchasing
  • Kurt Frazier, Assistant Director, Materials Distribution/Warehouse Services
  • Mai Dube, Office Coordinator, Education-Teaching and Leadership
  • Misty Schutt, Administrative Assistant II, Arts & Sciences Department of Psychology


Design smarter travel policies and procedures that will save money and make travel planning and reconciliation easier for all travelers​

Alan Middleton*, Professor of Physics (Sponsor)
Lou Marcoccia, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (Sponsor)
Doug Freeman, Director of Purchasing (Manager)
Jean Gallipeau, Comptroller (Manager)

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  • Diane McKenney, Director of Administration, SU Abroad
  • Can Aslan, Graduate Student Organization
  • Kevin (Wenliang) Du*,  Professor of Engineering
  • Lana Pettit, Assistant Comptroller, Comptroller’s Office
  • Lisa Honan, Assistant Dean for Advancement, Central Development
  • Patricia Ford, Budget Manager, Arts & Sciences, Physics Department
  • Robert Moreno*, Associate Professor, Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
  • Trudi Porter, Director, Information Technology & Services
  • Ramesh Raina*, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Sam (Ossama) Salem*, Professor of EngineeringScott Samson*, Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Christine Tarnowski, Institute for Veterans and Military Families
  • Jamie Winders*, Associate Professor of Geography

*Joined team in November 2015


Standardize printer and copier purchasing to leverage our size with vendors and optimize equipment

Joe Comprix, Professor of Accounting (Sponsor)
Lou Marcoccia, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (Sponsor)
Stan Ziemba, Director of Info. Tech., Maxwell School (Manager)
Joe Carfi, Director of Printing Services (Manager)

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  • Chris Fox, Assistant Dean, College of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Jeffrey Pitt, Director Information Technology, Arts & Sciences Computing Services Group
  • Ken Schoening, Financial Reporting Manager, Budget and Planning
  • Larry Quaglia, Director Information Technology, Student Affairs
  • Russ Silverstein, Information Technology Manager, SU Libraries Info. Tech. & Services
  • Sue Joyner, Purchasing Specialist, Purchasing


Design a new policy process that will better inform and empower employees and improve communication

Brian Sheehan, Associate Professor of Advertising (Sponsor)
Kal Alston, Senior Vice President of Human Capital Development (Sponsor)
Steve Colicci, Director of Internal Audit (Manager)

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  • Anne Emm, Manager Research & Administrative Operations, Budget and Planning
  • Can Isik, Associate Dean/Professor, Engineering
  • Cynthia Maxwell Curtin, Associate Vice President, Human Capital Development; Chief EOIRS Officer, Equal Employment Opportunity, Inclusion & Resolution Services
  • Eileen Julian, Senior Administrator, Arts & Sciences Curriculum Instruction
  • Kenneth Kavajecz, Dean/Professor, Whitman School of Management
  • Kim Sauer, Purchasing Specialist, Purchasing
  • Kristen Jones-Kolod, Executive Director, Student Affairs
  • Ellen Hemmerlein, Associate General Counsel Business Affairs, Office of University Counsel
  • Ashley O’Mara, Graduate Student
  • David Skoler, Graduate Student
  • R. Flora Zhou, Undergraduate Student
  • Sean Fernandez, Undergraduate Student


Evaluate our bookstore’s ability to better meet student and the University’s needs

Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Professor of Language Arts (Sponsor)
Jamie Cyr, Director of Auxiliary Services (Sponsor)
Chris Eiffe, Assistant Director of Budget & Planning (Manager)

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  • Karen Mulligan, Senior Business Manager, Business Operations
  • Patrick Neary, Graduate Student Arts & Sciences,
  • Raymond Wimer, Assistant Professor, Whitman School of Management
  • Eric Evangelista, Undergraduate Student Art & Design


Design a new way to track and manage our outreach to alumni and donors

Liz Liddy, Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost (Sponsor)
Chuck Merrihew, Interim Vice President for Advancement & External Affairs (Sponsor)
Sam Scozzafava,  Chief Information Officer; VP of Info. Tech. & Services (Manager)
Scott Barrett, Assistant Dean of I-School (Manager)

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  • Al Weinberger, Director Information Technology, Technical Systems and Services
  • April Maw, Donor Programs & Special Events Coordinator, Athletics
  • Dave Viggiano, Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Jeff Rubin, Associate Professor of Practice, Newhouse School
  • Jennifer Russo, Director Marketing, Marketing/Communications Events, School of Education
  • Kim Brown, Assistant Director Career Services
  • Norma Shannon, Director Alumni Affairs, Maxwell School Dean’s Office
  • Scott Kemp, Associate Treasurer, Treasurer’s Office



Streamline and enhance sponsored research enterprise services to accelerate the research and scholarly activities and reduce employees’ administrative burden

Jeffrey Karson, Professor of Earth Sciences (Sponsor)
Gina Lee-Glauser, Vice President of Research (Sponsor)
Stuart Taub, Director of Office of Sponsored Programs (Manager)

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  • Carolyn Hoare, Functional Business Analyst, Financial Systems Management
  • June Szymanski, Associate Chief Information Officer, Info. Tech. Services
  • Liz Lonergan, Executive Director, Sponsored Accounting
  • Sabina Redington, Administrative Specialist I, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
  • Steve Sawyer, Associate Dean/Professor,  iSchool



Modernize, enhance and streamline common human resources processes to improve candidate experience and save campus departments’ time and energy

Lorraine Branham, Dean of Newhouse School, (Sponsor)
Karen Morrissey, Executive Director of Human Resource Operations (Sponsor)
JoAnne Wallingford, Associate Director of HR Information Technology (Manager)

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  • Amy Falkner, Senior Associate Dean/Associate Professor, Public Communications
  • Annette Carbone, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Service Center
  • Beth Wagner, Budget Analyst, Arts & Sciences Writing Program
  • David Harris, Director of Administration, Info. Tech. Services
  • Jake Tanksley, Director Recruitment and Retention, Human Resources
  • Jennifer Uryniak, Accounting Director, Student Affairs
  • Kevin Bailey, Assistant Dean Chief Information Officer, Whitman School of Management
  • Kristin Davis, Budget Director, FALK College of Sport and Human Dynamics
  • Lana Pettit, Assistant Comptroller, Comptroller’s Office
  • Sheila Johnson-Willis, Director, Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, Resolution Services
  • Sinead Mac Namara, Associate Professor, Architecture

Optimize telecommunications by identifying a preferred vendor, consolidating issued cell phones and other cellular-enabled devices, and eliminating redundant land lines

Lee McKnight, Associate Professor, iSchool (Sponsor)
Eric Sedore, Associate Chief Information Officer (Sponsor)

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  • Al Weinberger, Director of IT, Advancement and External Affairs
  • Anthony Rotolo, Assistant Professor, Newhouse School
  • Chuck Savage, IT, School of Architecture
  • Donna Adams, Associate Director, Office of Public Safety
  • Jackin Bien-Aime, Student Employee, iSchool
  • James Hopkins, Director of IT, FALK College of Sport and Human Dynamics
  • Lauryn Kulkarni, Undergrad Student, Whitman School of Management
  • Nour Taher, Grad Student, Whitman School of Management
  • Paula Maxwell, Computer Consultant, School of Education
  • Ron Kurdziel,  Director of ITS, Information Technology Services
  • Vijay Vatsal Raj, Grad Student, iSchool
  • Glenn Santa, Telecommunications Analyst


Enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency

Keith Alford, Professor of Social Work (Sponsor)
Karen Morrissey, Executive Director of Human Resource Operations (Sponsor)

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Varies by unit; typically led by leader of school, college, department or other division, along with 1-2 other individuals

Several pilot teams are redesigning their organizations to be more effective and efficient. University leaders and administrative officers have been asked to reimagine their organizations based on best practices, peer institution reviews, and changing needs. These teams are giving thoughtful analysis and insights into designing changes to better serve our students, manage our costs, and focus on our priorities. Through this process, the University is being extremely careful not to make changes that in any way reduce levels of service to students. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the University has the right resources applied to the right priorities.