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THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Provide all students with a world-class learning experience that prepares them for future success


Trajectory To Excellence (Working Group #1)
Syracuse University is committed to providing all students with an excellent and highly distinctive educational experience that prepares them for academic, personal, and professional success in an increasingly complex, diverse, and interconnected world. We will cultivate in students those distinct skills, competencies, and experiences that exemplify Syracuse as a place of excellence in higher education.

We also recognize that true undergraduate excellence can only be achieved when attention is paid to the “whole student.” We will do that by working collaboratively to address campus culture and nurture the personal, professional, and social development of all students, and to create the conditions that support excellent teaching, learning, retention, and success.


We will achieve this by:

Instilling in them the capacity to think deeply and analytically, to listen and learn, to act ethically and with integrity

• Identifying and developing a set of core competencies for undergraduate studies and core proficiencies for graduate studies

• Testing and nurturing students through opportunities to merge theory with practice

• Maximizing potential & expanding the reach of the Renée Crown Honors program

• Pioneering an inclusive disability agenda

• Strengthening resources & services that promote retention and success

• Assuring full accessibility of facilities for all

• Providing robust support structures that address unique areas of need

• Implementing educational opportunities that advance cultural competence among faculty, staff, students

Creating more common curricular and co-curricular activities

• Launching new programs and aligning existing offerings

• Evaluating the potential for alternative delivery systems, hybrid programs and other programmatic innovations

• Enhancing collaboration between colleges

• Overhauling advising practices

• Expanding the capacity of the Syracuse University Libraries

• Promoting information literacy

• Coordinating student services organizationally and physically

• Developing criteria to evaluate teaching excellence

• Providing pedagogical development for faculty

Common Charge

This Working Group will produce strategies to implement the objectives listed above from the Academic Strategic Plan. These strategies will emerge by refining the recommendations made by the working groups in the Discovery phase and cultivating the extensive information that was gathered throughout that process.

The group will:

Review the list of proposed strategies from the Discovery reports and agree on a prioritization of objectives to pursue

Determine specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound strategies to implement each objective

Establish a Key Performance Indicator(s), timeline and estimate of implementation costs for each of those strategies

Prepare an assessment process that uses the results of Key Performance Indicators over time and feedback loops for each objective in order to ensure continuous improvement

Perform due diligence on each strategy by conducting research, benchmarking and working with the central functions team that includes legal counsel, risk management and budget departments in order to assess feasibility.

Prepare a report for the chairpersons to present to the Academic Strategic Plan Implementation Oversight Committee (ASPIOC) for endorsement




Rochelle Ford/S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Terra Peckskamp/Residence Life






Melanie Cuevas-Rodriguez


College of Law

Cathy Engstrom


School of Education/Higher Education

Missy Mathis-Hanlon


Parent’s Office

Colleen Cameron


Falk College/Child & Family Studies

Joseph Godlewski


School of Architecture

Jason Dedrick



Julie Hasenwinkel


College of Engineering and Computer Science

Sarah Solomon


Office of Student Support Services

Pamela Heintz


Mary Ann Shaw Center

Patrick Williams


Syracuse Univeristy Libraries

Joe Alfieri



Gerard McTigue

Graduate Student

Newhouse School /Public Relations

Kate Hanson


College of Arts & Sciences/EDU (Honors)

Amanda Nicholson


Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Tommy Powell



Scott Stevens


College of Arts & Sciences /Native American Studies

Stephanie Hoppe

Graduate student

College of Law

Ying Lin


Enrollment Management

Ishrat Momin

Undergraduate Student

College of Arts & Sciences/Citizenship & Civic Engagement

Gerry Greenberg


College of Arts & Sciences/Associate Dean

Maggie Tarasovitch

Undergraduate Student

College of Arts & Sciences/Policy Studies

Siddarth Senthilkumaran

Undergraduate Student

College of Arts & Sciences/Newhouse/Citizenship & Civic Mgmt/Broadcast Journalism/Int’l Relations



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