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ONE UNIVERSITY: Galvanize institution-wide excellence

Trajectory To Excellence (Working Group #6)

As One University, Syracuse supports progress toward our mission by consistently pursuing excellence in all areas of University operations. We achieve this by providing all those engaged in reaching our mission a workplace that proactively supports their personal and professional needs, challenges them to grow, respects diverse points of view, and recognizes excellence. Administrative and support staff, both on campus and at satellite locations—many of whom are the first line of contact for students seeking assistance—play a crucial role in advancing the goals of this plan and assuring the success of our students. We aim to be recognized as a model employer, including for those groups less traditionally represented among higher education professionals and who may need targeted recruitment efforts and supports. We must ensure that in every capacity, our operations are efficient and effective, and that employees at every level recognize their role in advancing our mission and sustaining a thriving, supportive campus community for all.


We will achieve this by:

Providing a workplace that proactively supports employees’ personal & professional needs

• Employing strategies to enhance internal communication structures and protocols to ensure that employees feel connected and engaged with institutional work

• Developing targeted recruitment and support of the groups traditionally less represented among higher education professionals

Ensuring that all employees have opportunities for professional development and for advancement, including training for faculty moving into administrative leadership role.

• Re-examining governance structures to assure responsiveness, effectiveness and accountability to goals (guided by input from the Operational Excellence team)

• Continually assessing University operations and protocols to assure efficient use of resources and enhance accountability (guided by input from the Operational Excellence team)

Galvanizing cooperation and collaboration across all levels of activity by striking a balance of centralization versus decentralization of University services while supporting local processes that add further value.

Common Charge

This Working Group will produce strategies to implement the objectives listed above from the Academic Strategic Plan. These strategies will emerge by refining the recommendations made by the working groups in the Discovery phase and cultivating the extensive information that was gathered throughout that process.

This group will:

Review the list of proposed strategies from the Discovery reports and agree on a prioritization of objectives to pursue

Determine specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound strategies to implement each objective

Establish a Key Performance Indicator(s), timeline and estimate of implementation costs for each of those strategies

Prepare an assessment process that uses the results of Key Performance Indicators over time and feedback loops for each objective in order to ensure continuous improvement

Perform due diligence on each strategy by conducting research, benchmarking and working with the central functions team that includes, legal counsel, risk management and budget departments in order to assess feasibility.

Prepare a report for the Chair persons to present to the Academic Strategic Plan Implementation Oversight Committee (ASPIOC) for endorsement

ONE UNIVERSITY – Working Group 6


Lisa Moeckel/Syracuse University Libraries

Laura Troendle/College of Arts & Sciences, Dean’s Office






Syeisha Byrd


Hendricks Chapel

Michelle Wilcox


College of Law

Lois Agnew


College of Arts & Sciences/Writing

Don Siegel


College of Arts & Sciences/Earth Sciences

Prasanta Ghosh


College of Engineering and Computer Science

Maarten Jacobs


Community Engagement

Jessica Lemons


Winnick Hillel Center for Jewish Life

Joe Warburton


Martin J. Whitman School of Management/College of Law

Peg Northrup


Government Relations

John De Francisco


Physical Plant

Joe Shanley


Department of Public Safety

Tiffany Gray


LGBT Resource Center

Joseph Lore


Recreation Services

Kathy Kinney


ITS/Enterprise Proc. Support

Kathleen Scanlon


Syracuse University Athletics

J.D. Tessier



Mike Mattson


Advancement (Principal Gifts)

Daeya Malboeuf


Enrollment Management

Sylvia Hetzel


SU Florence/ iSchool

Weston Young

Undergraduate Student

College of Arts & Sciences/Policy Studies/Economics

Sahil Walia

Graduate Student

iSchool/Telecom & Network Management



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