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DISCOVERY: Promote creativity and discovery attuned to important challenges and emerging needs


Trajectory to Excellence Working Group #2

Creative activities and research are fundamentally coupled to our educational mission. Research and creative activities nourish the intellectual and physical well-being of society and drive a prosperous and diverse high-tech economy. We will advance research excellence in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary endeavors by supporting a wide range of scholarship, including activities poised to address pressing global needs, basic research that advances fundamental understanding, and curiosity-driven inquiry.

As we generate knowledge, we simultaneously inform teaching and learning, offer experiential learning opportunities for students, and establish a conduit for interactions with broader communities. Collectively, these activities provide a platform to enhance the impact of our creative endeavors around the globe.


We will achieve this by:

Providing high quality, centralized and coordinated support and facilities

• Rewarding those who excel in research

• Developing a mentoring program for research that links alumni and faculty with students

• Elevating signature areas of inquiry where strengths coincide with opportunity

• Giving attention to specific mechanisms needed to enhance work and collaborations

• Offering research resources to promote scholarship

• Elevating role of the Office of Research

• Updating & revising technology transfer policies

Pursuing strategically focused investments in cross cutting areas of strength and opportunity

• Promoting translational research and discoveries as well as inventions development

• Amplifying support for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers

• Providing opportunities for undergraduates and master’s students to participate in cutting-edge work

• Attracting and retaining doctoral students

• Enhancing recognition & support for doctoral programs

Common Charge

This Working Group will produce strategies to implement the objectives listed above from the Academic Strategic Plan. These strategies will emerge by refining the recommendations made by the working groups in the Discovery phase and cultivating the extensive information that was gathered throughout that process.

The group will:

Review the list of proposed strategies from the Discovery reports and agree on a prioritization of objectives to pursue

Determine specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound strategies to implement each objective

Establish a Key Performance Indicator(s), timeline and estimate of implementation costs for each of those strategies

Prepare an assessment process that uses the results of Key Performance Indicators over time and feedback loops for each objective in order to ensure continuous improvement

Perform due diligence on each strategy by conducting research, benchmarking and working with the central functions team that includes, legal counsel, risk management and budget departments in order to assess feasibility.

Prepare a report for the chairpersons to present to the Academic Strategic Plan Implementation Oversight Committee (ASPIOC) for endorsement

DISCOVERY – Working Group 2


Radhakrishna Sureshkumar/College of Engineering & Computer Sciences

Deborah Monahan/Falk College





Ben Dotger


School of Education/Teaching & Leadership

David Driesen


College of Law

Denise Heckman


College of Visual and Performing Arts /College of Design

Tim Korter


College of Arts & Sciences/Chemistry

Eric Sedore


Associate CIO/Core Services

Jason Fridley


College of Arts & Sciences/Biology

Lael Schooler


College of Arts & Sciences/Psychology

Jennifer Crisp


Technology Transfer

Stuart Taub


Office of Sponsored Programs

Anne Rauh


Syracuse University Libraries/Music

Can Aslan

Graduate student

College of Engineering and Computer Science/Biochemistry

Silvio Torres-Saillant


College of Arts & Sciences/English & Textual Studies

Cristina Marchetti


College of Arts & Sciences/Physics

Eric Persons


Government Relations

Gina Lee-Glauser


Office of Research

Christina Lipuma

Undergraduate Student

Falk College/Nutrition



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