Members of the campus community are invited to provide their feedback on the draft of the Academic Strategic Plan during the open comment period April 2-10.  This draft reflects the Vision and Mission statements, findings of seven working groups and input from hundreds of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and supporters. Findings are grouped into six thematic areas, with accompanying goals and potential actions to move us toward those goals.

This document is a short, condensed version of the plan—and that a longer, more comprehensive report will also be developed to give additional context to the goals / recommendations. Also note that it is intended as a high-level aspirational plan, designed to serve as a framework on which the schools and colleges can build their own complementary plan. The Academic Strategic Plan Steering Committee believes that those are best determined by faculty, staff, and students across the schools and colleges working with the Provost’s Office as part of the implementation phase.

After the April 2-10 open comment period, the draft will go back to the Steering Committee to provide them ample time to review your feedback and make revisions. A subsequent draft will be delivered to Chancellor Syverud in late April and shared with the Board of Trustees in May.

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