As part of the Fast Forward Syracuse Campus Master Plan initiative, Syracuse University will partner with Sasaki Associates to assist with campus planning and identify guidelines to better support the University’s academic and research mission. Sasaki Associates is a Boston-based, award-winning integrated architectural-planning and design firm.

Components of Sasaki’s work include identification of how the physical environment can support student and residential life; a study of existing space use to inform capital prioritization; management of University assets and real estate, including growth, contraction and deferred maintenance; a series of physical planning scenarios; a mobility study of paths and pedestrian movement; an energy and infrastructure study; design guidance for the physical environment; and aspects of campus safety, security and emergency planning.

Beginning this week, Sasaki Associates plans a number of interviews with the University community, including open discussions, targeted meetings intended to explore how Syracuse’s mission can drive the physical environment and general observations about the campus, and voluntary surveys to understand where collaborations exist across campus that might inform space planning, the nature of campus today and how it should develop in the future. The firm will also be gathering information from the University, including space utilization data, campus maps and facilities analyses. Additional opportunities will be provided to the campus community to meet with the firm during the campus master planning process.

Please click here to participate in the Syracuse MyCampus survey, developed by Sasaki Associates as part of our master planning efforts. This interactive mapping survey invites you to describe how you use and move through the campus. For example, you can place icons and leave comments about your favorite open spaces, favorite or least favorite classrooms, and typical walking or driving routes. Your response is critical to helping us understand the nature of campus today and how it should develop in the future.

Sasaki Associates needs your input by October 17 to enable the next stage of their discovery process. The survey is voluntary and confidential and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.